Pet  Policy
Enjoy Santa Barbara with your four-legged best friend
All of our rooms are dog-friendly. Dog fee is $10 per dog per night+ tax. We allow up to 2 medium-size
dogs and up to 3 small-size dogs per guest room.
Rules for a Happy Pet Guest
- Please have your dog bathed and flea free before coming in.
- Please do not use motel bedding and pillows as dog bed.
- Please do not allow your dog to go to the bathroom on the property. There is a park across the street.
- Be prepared to pick up after your pets when you walk them. City parks charge a fine for not doing so.
- Please have your dog on leash on the property at all times.
- Do not leave your dog alone in the room if he/she is inclined to bark and disturb other guests. We
require a cell phone number on file if you plan to leave your dog unattended in the room. Dog cannot be
left unattended after 10 pm.  If you cannot be reached and the barking cannot be controlled, as a last
resort for the comfort of the other guests, we may need to have your dog boarded at the animal control
or a private 24-hour animal clinic at the owner’s expense.
- There are several pet sitters in town if you are here to work and need to leave your pet all day. We
will be happy to give you referrals.
Dog-friendly beaches in Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara area:
- Arroyo Burro Beach (or Hendry’s Beach) in Santa Barbara (dogs allowed off-leash)
- Butterfly Beach in Montecito (dogs allowed on-leash)
- Summerland Beach in Summerland (dogs allowed off-leash)
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